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Like minded People

Here at Chiltern Wood Recycling we really do live and breathe our beliefs!

So much so that we try to connect and promote other companies that we feel are on the same path as us. Yes we recycle and reuse all the timber we collect and are striving to be completely plastic free by December 2018 but there is far more needed to help the massive environmental situation we are facing.

These other companies are also trying to achieve the same outcome. So please take a look and follow the links to help you make informed choices with products you purchase. From plastics to rare breed farming and ethical treatment of animals

Anything But Plastic......

This amazing lady is trying to help tackle the plastics issue by providing affordable alternatives to plastic. From toothbrushes and makeup to sponges and and shampoo please take a look and what she offers:-)

Green Dragon Eco-farm

A sustainably run Rarebreeds farm focused on not just of conservation of endangered farm animals, but of good locally sourced food, heritage fruit and veg, renewable energy systems, waste prevention, and conservation of wildlife. A Fabulous place to go to. have a look: