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How to Get Involved

One of the other aspects of The Chiltern Wood Recycling Project, is the people side of the company. We have people volunteering for us from all different backgrounds who have suffered illness, accidents, hardship and for many other reasons. We help these individuals get training and help to bring back confidence and a regular work life balance.  

Many have even go on to be happy employees of ours.

We have connections with many organisations who regularly send people our way, and the feedback from everyone is amazing. Our connections include:

  Community Head Injury Service

Wycombe Homeless Connection

Doctor referrals

And even from our customers and friends who want to be part of a good cause!

See what some of our volunteers have to say about us!

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If you are interested in also getting involved please don't hesitate to contact us we are always looking for anyone who would like to help or even learn a trade. Simply email or call us on:

[email protected]

Office: 01494 258184

Mobile: 07704 168525